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Lubbock Area United Way to honor Barbara Malone as Agency Volunteer of the Year

CASA of the South Plains volunteer Advocate, Barbara Malone will be honored this Thursday, January 28th during the Lubbock Area United Way annual meeting at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Banquet Hall. Barbara has served as a CASA Advocate for 16 years. She has served over 30 children and committed over 2,800 hours to the lives of abused and neglected children in the foster care system, never faltering in her journey to find them permanency. Barbara’s knowledge and recommendations are sought out by CASA staff, judges and CPS caseworkers alike.

Most notably, Barbara advocated for a sibling group who had been in care for four long years. The oldest was able to find a long term placement and aged out. The younger went through several foster homes and a failed adoptive home during her journey. Barbara never stopped believing that permanency could be achieved and refused to accept that the youngest child had “too many behaviors” to find a forever home. Towards this end, Barbara sat down at a table with everyone else appointed to the case to select an adoptive family for her CASA child. Barbara was the only one not paid for her time, yet she was also the person with the most knowledgeable recommendations. Finally, an adoptive home was selected. When the adoption was consummated the child described Barbara as “sweet, like a grandma, she is the best person ever.”

“It is rewarding to know that I have reached out to children in our community, and tried to make the situation they find themselves in, through no fault of their own, a little less traumatic,” said Barbara Malone, CASA Volunteer Advocate.

For questions or for more information about how to become a CASA, please contact Amanda Norfleet, Recruitment Director at (806) 763-2272 or via email at

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